Undergraduate Resources

The following resources may be useful for students studying linguistics, carrying out linguistic research, or finding jobs after graduation. Information about resources unique to UCSB can be found here.

General Resources

LINGUIST List is the main online resource for linguistics, with information about funding for graduate school, job and internship listsings, calls for conferences and journal articles, recent publications, and much more.
UCSB Linguistics Club is a resource for undergraduates at UCSB interested in linguistics. All are welcome!

Resources for Studying Linguistics

Linguistic Society of America: Why study linguistics?
LINGUIST List Student Portal
World Atlas of Linguistic Structure
Ethnologue: Languages of the World
LINGUIST List Language Maps
MultiTree – Interactive trees of genetically related languages
Languages of Papua New Guinea
Download International Phonetic Alphabet fonts from SIL
Online International Phonetic Alphabet keyboard
International Phonetic Alphabet chart with sound
Drawing Syntactic Trees
First Language Acquisition Database (CHILDES)

Resources for Studying Languages

Reddit Language Learning Forum – with links to language-specific forums
MindSnacks – language learning games

Resources for Doing Linguistic Research

Preparing for fieldwork
Resources for fieldwork
MouseTracker – free software for experiments
Praat – free software for phonetic analysis
Audacity – free software for recording and editing audio
ELAN – free software for annotating video and audio
R – free software for statistical analysis
NLTK – free tutorial for Natural Language Processing

Resources for Careers in Linguistics

LINGUIST List Jobs and Internships
Linguistic Society of America