Undergraduate Linguistics Courses

The most-up-to-date schedule information is available to currently enrolled students on GOLD and to the general public on Curriculum Search.

The complete class schedule for all departments by quarter is available for PDF download through the Office of the Registrar.

The undergraduate course offerings of the Department of Linguistics for the current year are available for PDF download under the "Overview" tab on the left. Course descriptions for all linguistics courses are available in the General Catalog.

Linguistics Department Policy on Crashing Courses

All waitlists are now online through GOLD. Waitlists are sorted by major and then by unit standing, with those majoring in the Linguistics department getting priority. For any questions, please email the Staff Undergraduate Advisor, Samantha Little  (slittle@hfa.ucsb.edu). Students who are unable to enroll in a course through GOLD because the course  is full should contact the Staff Undergraduate Advisor and request to be placed on the waiting list.
Students must attend class every day and sign in on the list at the front of the class until they have received an add code or have been dropped from the list. Any student not attending class will be removed from the list. Students should also attend one class section per week and sign in on the list there as well. 
After the second primary class session, instructors will review the waiting lists and rank the students in order of priority. For most courses, priority will be given to Linguistics majors/minors, followed by graduating seniors; followed by Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen. If two students are otherwise ranked equally, they will be ordered by the date they first joined the waiting list, with earlier students given priority.  
Teaching Assistants are not involved in the process of attempting to add a class. Please do not ask them for information about adding classes.  Instead, consult your instructor or the Staff Undergraduate Advisor, Samantha Little.  You may email her for information or to get on the waiting list at: slittle@hfa.ucsb.edu.