Honors Program

College Honors Program

Linguistics majors and minors with a minimum 3.5 grade-point average are qualified to participate in the College Honors Program. Students in linguistics courses may earn honors credit in four ways:

  • by enrolling in the honors section of Linguistics 20 at the lower-division level
  • by arranging an honors contract in any upper-division course in linguistics, with approval of the instructor
  • by taking a graduate course or a graduate section of anundergraduate/graduate course, with approval of the instructor
  • by enrolling in Linguistics 195A-B-C and completing a senior thesis under the supervision of a faculty member

Linguistics Senior Honors Program (Distinction in the Major)

Majors in linguistics are eligible to join the Linguistics Senior Honors Program during their senior year; participation in the College Honors Program is not required. Students in the Linguistics Senior Honors Program carry out an independent research project under the supervision of a faculty member. The goal is to produce a senior thesis of publishable quality based on original linguistic research on a topic of the student’s choice. Students successfully completing the program are eligible for graduation with Distinction in the Major. Students wishing to write a senior thesis should consult with the Faculty Undergraduate Advisor and/or their supervising professor as early as possible to plan the project.

More information about opportunities for original undergraduate research in linguistics may be found on the Linguistics Undergraduate Research page.