Linguistics Petitions

Please contact the Linguistics undergraduate advisor with any questions:

These petitions are all College of Letters & Science or Registrar petitions. If you are in the College of Engineering or CCS, you may need a different petition. 

These petitions all also use DocuSign, please use your UCSB Net ID and password to log in.


Change of Major Petition: to switch from one major to another, or to drop from two majors to one major. This is a College of Letters & Science form only. If you are in the College of Engineering or College of Creative Studies, please contact either the Linguistics undergrad advisor or a college advisor for the correct petition. 

Double Major Petition: to add a second major, or to change your declared two majors. If adding a third major, please contact or a college advisor for the forms. 

Late Add Petition: Please contact the course instructor before completing this form. While instructors do not need to sign the form, the College of Letters & Science does require instructor approval still. 

Incomplete Grade Request: contact instructor for approval before completing this form! Please also note that the instructor's UCSB email MUST be used, only their email will work on the form. Contact with any questions.


Linguistics Department Forms

These are all Linguistics Department specific forms, in DocuSign or pdf versions. Please note that all of these forms must be approved by a Linguistics faculty member before the undergraduate advisor can process them. Please contact the undergaduate advisor,, with any questions. 

Independent Studies: LING 99/199 Form  or  pdf (for view only)

Internship in Linguistics: LING 191 Form  or  pdf (for view only)

Senior Honors Thesis: LING 195ABC Form  or  pdf (for view only)