Education Abroad Program

Because of its commitment to understanding the diversity of the world’s languages and cultures, the Department of Linguistics strongly encourages all linguistics majors and minors to study in another country as an invaluable part of their undergraduate education. For linguistics students, international travel and study allows for the mastery of another language, immersion in another culture, and the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge in preparation for graduate study or a career involving languages and linguistics. Many students use their time overseas to gather data for their senior thesis or another original research project. Students wishing to carry out original research during their study-abroad program should discuss their ideas with the Faculty Undergraduate Advisor or their supervising professor as early as possible.

UCSB’s Education Abroad Program (EAP) is the starting point for learning about study-abroad opportunities; summer language programs around the world are also announced on the linguistics undergraduate listserve (to join, email undergraduate advisor). While most students go abroad for part or all of their third year, summer programs are also offered, and students may also participate in EAP earlier or later in their undergraduate careers. Students planning to study overseas should consult the Department of Linguistics Faculty Undergraduate Advisor for guidance with applications and coursework in preparation for, during, and after study abroad.

For more information, see Study Abroad for Linguistics Majors.