Stenographs.The representation of spoken interaction in written form is a fundamental component of the study of discourse, but it is one that is too often taken for granted or treated as a mere methodological task. At UCSB, researchers are committed to understanding transcription as a simultaneously theoretical, methodological, and sociocultural phenomenon with profound consequences for how speech and speakers are textually represented. In addition to providing training in issues of phonetic transcription, UCSB offers a course exclusively devoted to the transcription of spoken discourse. Faculty and students conduct research on transcription and related forms of discourse representation.

Core Faculty

Mary Bucholtz, Matthew Gordon, Argyro Katsika


Linguistics 206: Introduction to Phonetics
Linguistics 212: Discourse Transcription
Linguistics 224: Spoken and Written Discourse
Linguistics 230: Methods in Sociocultural Linguistics
Linguistics 232: Foundations of Sociocultural Linguistics
Linguistics 273A-B: Language and the Body


Language, Interaction, and Social Organization (LISO)
Santa Barbara Corpus of Spoken American English
Transcription in Action: Resources for the Representation of Linguistic Interaction