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Santa Barbara Papers in Linguistics is published occasionally by the Department of Linguistics at the University of California, Santa Barbara. All issues of Santa Barbara Papers in Linguistics may be downloaded below.

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Volume 1 (1987) – Korean: Papers and Discourse Data – Hyo Sang Lee & Sandra A. Thompson, Editors

C. Douglas Johnson. "Consonantal variation in Korean." pp. 1-22
Hyo Sang Lee & Sandra A. Thompson. "A discourse account of the Korean accusative marker." pp. 23-49
Arthur Schwartz. "Co-reference constraints in the relative clause." pp. 50-72
Sandra A. Thompson. "Review of Syntaxe des verbes de movement in coréen contemporain by Jong Chai-Song." pp. 73-75
Wallace Chafe. "The pear stories." pp. 75-163

Volume 2 (1988) – Discourse and Grammar – Sandra A. Thompson, Editor

John W. Du Bois, Susanna Cumming, & Stephen Schuetze-Coburn. "Discourse transcription." pp. 1-72
Cecilia E. Ford. "Variation in the intonation and punctuation of different adverbial clause types in spoken and written English." pp. 73-96.
Abigail Kaun. "Definite and indefinite noun phrases in Turkish: A discourse study." pp. 97-108
Tsuyoshi Ono. "Te, I, and Ru classes in Japanese Tofu recipes: A quantitative study." pp. 109-128
Janine Scancarelli. "Marking discontinuity in Pima and O’odham (Papago)." pp. 129-147
Sandra A. Thompson. "Information flow and ‘dative shift’ in English discourse." pp. 147
Sandra A. Thompson & Anthony Mulac. "A quantitative perspective on the grammaticization of evidential parentheticals in English." pp. 165-181

Volume 3 (1991) – Asian Discourse and Grammar – Patricia M. Clancy & Sandra A. Thompson, Editors

Noriko Akatsuka. "Affect and Japanese conditionals." pp. 1-8
Hilary Chappell. "Strategies for the assertion of obviousness and disagreement in Mandarin: A semantic study of the modal particle ME." pp. 9-32
Mike Ewing. "AKAN: The appearance and disappearance of a case-marking preposition in Classical Malay." pp. 33-46
Hyo Sang Lee. "The temporal system of noun-modifying (attributive) clauses in Korean from typological perspective." pp. 46-65
Charles N. Li. "Language contact in China: Is Mandarin Chinese derived from a pidgin?" pp. 66-83
Patricia Mayes & Tsuyoshi Ono. "Social factors influencing reference in Japanese, with special emphasis on ANO HITO." pp. 84-93
Toshihide Nakayama. "Grammaticization of viewpoint: A study of Japanese deictic supporting verbs." pp. 94-105
Alain Peyraube. "Some remarks on the history of Chinese classifiers." pp. 106-126
Nobuko Sugamoto. "On the so-called 1st person pronoun Jibun." pp. 127-143
Ryoko Suzuki & Yoshi Ono. "Japanese ga, spotlighting, and intransitive in spoken narratives." pp. 144-152
Hongyin Tao. "NP coordination in Medieval Chinese: A discourse approach." pp. 153-170
Sandra A. Thompson & Hilary Chappell. "The semantics and pragmatics of associative DE in Mandarin discourse." pp. 171-187
Eri Yoshida. "A study of speaker’s objectivity in Japanese written text." pp. 188-213

Volume 4 (1992) – Discourse Transcription – John W. Du Bois, Susanna Cumming, Stephan Schuetze-Coburn, & Danae Paolino

Table of Contents

Volume 5 (1994) – East Asian Linguistics – Shoichi Iwasaki, Tsuyoshi Ono, Hongyin Tao, & Hyo Sang Lee, Editors

Kawai Chui. "Grammaticalization of the saying verb wa in Cantonese." pp. 1-13
Kenneth L. Field. "A comparative analysis of the syllable structures and syllable inventories of Fongxiang and Hui: The effects of language contact." pp. 14-36
Makato Hayashi. "A comparative study of self-repair in English and Japanese conversation." pp. 37-55
Shuanfan Huang. "Pause as a window on the mind and the grammar: Evidence from spoken Chinese discourse." pp. 56-81
Yumiko Kawanishi. "An analysis of interactional markers in Korean: A comparative study of –canh-a(yo) vs. –ci(yo)." pp. 82-100
Kyu-hyun Kim & Kyung-Hee Suh. "An interactional account of nikka in Korean conversation." pp. 101-122
Mafuyu Kitahara. "Segmental phonology of Japanese: Based on feature geometry." pp. 123-138
Ching Kang Liu. "The English present perfect and the guo and le in Mandarin." pp. 139-157
Toshihide Nakayama & Kumiko Ichihashi-Nakayama. "Discourse perspective for core-oblique distinction in Japanese." pp. 158-177
Shinchi Nishikawa. "Constituent prototypicality and well-formedness in Japanese: The case of mi-ru." pp. 178-192
Sung-Ock S. Sohn. "Semantic change and restructuring in modern Korean: A case of semi-grammaticalization." pp. 193-204
Susan Strauss. "Japanese –te shimau examined in the light of the ‘Romance reflexive’ system." pp. 205-225
Ryoko Suzuki. "The affective auxiliary –chau: Language socialization and grammaticization." pp. 226-244
Eri Yoshida. "Expectation motivating the use of the auxiliary shimau in Japanese spoken narratives. " pp. 245-

Volume 6 (1994) – Aspects of Nepali Grammar – Carol Genetti, Editor

Carol Genetti. "Introduction (with a Sketch of Nepali Grammar)." pp. 1-40
Kumiko Ichihashi-Nakayama. "On Dative ‘Subject’ Constructions in Nepali." pp. 41-76
Elise Kärkkäinen. "On the i(n) Construction in Nepali." pp. 77-115
Nicholas Kibre. "Noun + gar-nu Expressions in Nepali." pp. 116-132
Keith Slater. "On Differentiating daa and day." pp. 132-166

Lobhi Kukur (Lo) pp. 166-168
Kickanni (Ki) pp. 169-175
Kharaab KeTo (Kh) pp. 176-180
Haa ~ so (Ha) pp. 180-185
Alchi Maanche (Al) pp. 186-191
Kwaa ~ ti (Kw) pp. 192-194
Bidesi (Bi) pp. 195-198
Bhut-ko Kathaa (Bh) pp. 199-207
Paraasar Risi (Pa) pp. 208-

Volume 7 (1996) – Prosody, Grammar, and Discourse in Central Alaskan Yup'ik – Marianne Mithun, Editor

Marianne Mithun. "Introduction." pp. 4-16
Nilson Gabas Jr. "Phonetic correlates of stress in Yup’ik." pp. 17-36
Cory Redmon. "Yup’ik demonstratives: Universality and uniqueness." pp. 37-54
Jill Snyder. "A discourse-based analysis of tense in Central Alaskan Yup’ik." pp. 55-63
Steven Lasswell. "The alternation of verbal mood in Yup’ik Eskimo narrative." pp. 64-97
Tracy Sellman. "Yup’ik evidentials: The narrative functions of =gguq and –llini-." pp, 98-112
Hiroaki Kitano. "Ergativity in Yup’ik Eskimo from a discourse perspective." pp. 113-138
Carl Rubino. "The Introduction of new information and preferred argument structure in narrative." pp. 139-154

George Charles. "Paluqtaq Issaluq-llu: The Beaver and the Porcupine." pp. 155-165
Elizabeth Charles Ali. "Atqa: My Name." pp. 166-169
Elizabeth Charles Ali. "Tulukaruk: The Raven." pp. 170-183
Elizabeth Charles Ali. "Levaaq: The New Motor." pp. 184-192
Elizabeth Charles Ali. "Atsartaq: The Pear Story." pp. 193-207
Elizabeth Charles Ali. "Ircinrrat: The Little People." pp. 208-

Volume 8 (1998) – Proccedings from the First Workshop on American Indigenous Languages

"Foreword." pp. 1-2
Rosemary G. Beam de Azcona. "Preliminary remarks on tone in Coatlán-Loxicha Zapotec." pp. 3-14
David Beck. "Eliding the obvious: zero subjects in Lushootseed." pp. 15-29
Anna Berge. "Language reacquisition in a Cherokee semi-speaker: evidence from clause construction." pp. 30-41
Wallace Chafe. "Verbal artistry in a Seneca folktale." pp. 42-56
Christiane Cunha de Oliveira. "Some outcomes of the grammaticalization of the verb ‘do’ in Apinajé." pp. 57-69
Donna B. Gerdts. "The double life of Halkomelem reflexive suffixes." pp. 70-83
Verónica Grondona. "Location and Direction in Mocovi." pp. 84-96
Jack Martin. "Notes on switch-reference in Creek." pp. 97-107
Kathleen Jeanette Martin. "Translation and interpretation of Ella C. Deloria’s 'A Sioux captive rescued by his wife'." pp. 108-122
Marianne Mithun. "Implication and assertion in attributive possession." pp. 123-143
Loretta O’Connor. "Agentive system of Lowland Chontal." pp. 144-157
Tim Thornes. "Secondary verbs in Northern Paiute." pp. 158- 

Volume 9 (1999) – Proceedings from the Second Workshop on American Indigenous Languages

"Foreword." pp. 1-2
Anna Berge. "Preliminary studies of the distribution of aamma in West Greenlandic." pp. 3-15
Eugene Buckley. "On the naturalness of unnatural rules." pp. 16-29
Ellen Courtney. "Child acquisition of the Quechua affirmative suffix." pp. 30-41
Fred Field. "A quantitative look at borrowing patterns in Malinche Mexicano." pp. 42-52
Matthew Gordan. "Intonational properties of Chickasaw." pp. 53-67
Graham Horwood. "Anti-faithfulness and the Koasati plural." pp. 68-82
Nancy Mattina. "Toward a history of the inflectional future in Colville-Okanagan Salish." pp. 83-97
Loretta O'Connor. "Classificatory verbs of transfer in Lowland Chontal." pp. 98-109
Jeff Rasch. "The grammaticization and lexicalization of Yaitepec Chatino." pp. 110-122
Rosa Yanez Rosales. "Language replacement in a Nahuatl speaking community: Testimonies of the speakers and their children." pp. 123-

Volume 10 (2000) – Proceedings from the Third Workshop on American Indigenous Languages

"Foreword." pp. 1-2
Raquel Guimarães Romankevicius Costa. "Case marking in Marubo (Panoan): a diachronic approach." pp. 3-15
Willem J. de Reuse. "'Deferred evidence' marking and evidential typology in Western Apache." pp. 16-25
Luciana Dourado. "The advancement of obliques in Panara." pp. 26
Donna B. Gerdts and Thomas E. Hukari. "The dual structure of Halkomelem motion verbs." pp. 33-46
Amy Jocelyn Mandel-Muñoz. "Language planning in the Andes: a case study of the Mapudungun language of Southern Chile." pp. 47-65
Dave McKercher. "Switch-reference and direct quotation in Zuni." pp. 65-79
Eduardo Rivail Ribeiro. "[ATR] vowel harmony and palatalization in Karajá." pp. 80-

Volume 11 (2001) – Proceedings from the Fourth Workshop on American Indigenous Languages – Jeanie Castillo, Editor

"Foreword." pp. 1-2
Timothy Jowan Curnow. "Conjunct/disjunct systems in Barbacoan languages." pp. 3-12
Willem J. de Reuse. "Topic, focus, definiteness, specificity, and referential prominence in Western Apache noun phrases and relative clauses." pp. 13-19
Julia Dieterman. "Secondary palatalization and changes in vowel formants in Isthmus Mixe." pp. 20-33
Zarina Estrada Fernández. "Diccionario Yaqui-Español: a lexicographic project." pp. 34-46
Karen Langgård. "Inderivation in West Greenlandic - in passive and other valence decreasing structures." pp.47-59
Natalie Operstein. "Positional verbs and relational nouns in Zaniza Zapotec." pp. 60-70
Françoise Rose. "Cross-referencing in Emérillon (Tupi-Guarani): a hierarchical agreement system." pp. 71-84
Frank Seifart. "Nominal classification in Miraña." pp. 85-98
Edward Vajda. "Toward a typology of position class: comparing Navajo and Ket verb morphology." pp. 99-111
Esther Wood & Andrew Garrett. "The semantics of Yurok intensive infixation." pp. 112 

Volume 12 (2002) – Recent Studies in Empirical Approaches to Language – Toshihide Nakayama, Tsuyoshi Ono, & Hongyun Tao, Editors

Michael Ewing. "Two verbs of giving in Cirebon Javanese Conversation." pp. 1-19
Marja-Liisa Helasvuo. "What can intonation tell us about constituency?." pp. 20-34
Agnes Kang. "‘I’m here more on maybe the American side’: Articulating relational identity in Korean American discourse." pp. 35-46
Elise Kärkkäinen. "‘Is she vicious or dense?’: Dialogic practices of stance taking in conversation." pp. 47-65
Ritva Laury. "The taking oblique: Human reference in oblique cases in Finnish conversation." pp. 66-83
Toshihide Nakayama. "Manipulation of argument structure: A case of ‘possessor raising’ in Nuuchahnulth." pp. 84-100
Nancy Niedzielski. "Chipping away at the perception/production interface." pp. 101-110
Hongyin Tao. "A usage-based approach to argument structure: Remember and forget in spoken English." pp. 111-
Appendix: Symposium on functional approaches to grammar: Theoretical and methodological considerations

Volume 13 (2002) – Proceedings from the Fifth Workshop on American Indigenous Languages – Jeanie Castillo, Editor

"Foreword." pp. 1-2
J.C. Brown. "The phonetics of Mixtec glottalization." pp. 3-9
Daniel J. Hintz. "The emergent ‘substitutive’ construction in Quechua." pp. 10-22
Eric Jackson. "The 'S'-ence of Pima." pp. 23-37
Knut J. Olawsky. "Urarina word classes." pp. 38-52
Natalie Operstein. "First-person plural and the aspect morphology of Zapotec." pp. 53-64
Susan D. Penfield. "The changing face of field linguistics: Mohave, the MOO, and more." pp. 65-74
Eduardo Rivail Ribeiro. "The prefix u- in Karirí (with some Macro-Jê notes)." pp. 75-88
Fernando Zúñiga. "Syntactic inversion in Mapudungun." pp. 89-

Volume 14 (2003) – Proceedings from the Sixth Workshop on American Indigenous Languages – Jeanie Castillo, Editor

"Foreword." pp. 1-2
J.C. Brown. "Floating moras and features in Southern Sierra Miwok." pp. 3-12 
Rolando Félix Armendáriz. "Causation in Warihio." pp. 13-27
Donna B. Gerdts & Kaoru Kiyosawa. "Salish psych applicatives." pp. 28-42
Diane M. Hintz. "Pragmatics of word order in South Conchucos Quechua." pp. 43-53
Gary Holton. "The representation of oral literature and its role in language revitalization." pp. 54-68
Brook Danielle Lillehaugen. "Syntactic and semantic development of body-part prepositions in Valley Zapote languages." pp. 69-82
Pamela Munro & Larry Gorbet. "Investigating focus in noun phrases." pp. 83-93
Alexis Palmer. "Inverse agreement, argument structure, and hierarchy-driven phenomena in Ojibwe." pp. 94-105
Judith Tonhauser. "On the syntax and semantics of content questions in Yucatec Maya." pp. 106-

Volume 15 (2004) – Proceedings from the Seventh Workshop on American Indigenous Languages – Lea Harper & Carmen Jany, Editors

"Foreword." pp. 1-2
Suzzane Cook. "Lacandon colour terms." pp. 3-8
Dmitry Idiatov & Johan van der Auwera. "Nominalization as a question formation strategy in Tucanoan." pp. 9-24
Susan Smythe Kung. "External possession in Huehuetla Tepehua." pp. 25-39
J.C. Brown. "Some tonogenetic properties of Upriver Halkomelem." pp. 40-48
Lynda de Jong Boudreault. "Voice in Iquito: Is there an inverse?" pp. 49-60
Mary Paster & Rosemary Beam de Azcona. "A phonological sketch of the Yucunany dialect of Mixtepec Mixtec." pp. 61-75
Melvatha Chee, Evan Ashworth, Susan Buescher, & Brittany Kubacki. "Grammaticization of tense in Navajo: The evolution of nt'éé." pp. 76-90
Rosemary G. Beam de Azcona. "Introducing San Agustin Mixtepec Zapotec." pp. 91-105
Tyler Peterson. "Theoretical issues in the representation of the glottal stop in Blackfoot." pp. 106-

Volume 16 (2005) – Proceedings from the Eighth Workshop on American Indigenous Languages – Lea Harper & Carmen Jany, Editors

"Foreword." pp. 1
Rolando Félix Armendáriz. "What is a passive? The case of Yaqui and Warihío." pp. 2-14
Lilián Guerrero. "Yaqui relative clauses." pp. 15-27
Simeon Floyd. "The Poetics of Evidentiality in South American Storytelling." pp. 28-41
Salomé Gutiérrez Morales. "Kueteero where are you? The Spanish Suffix –ero in Sierra Popoluca." pp. 42-49
Patrick Midtlyng. "Washo Morphophonology: Hiatus resolution at the edges or let them be vowels." pp. 50-62
James J. Thompson. "Plurality in the verbal domain of Upriver Halkomelem." pp. 63-77
José Álvarez. "Vocalic Mora Augmentation in the Morphology of Guajiro/Wayuunaiki." pp. 78-

Volume 17 (2005) – Proceedings from the Workshop on Sinhala Linguistics – Robert Englebretson & Carol Genetti, Editors

Front Matter
Jennifer Garland. "Morphological Typology and the Complexity of Nominal Morphology in Sinhala."
Salome Gutierrez Morales. "Morphosyntactic Expressions of Possession, And Existence In Sinhala."
Mara Henderson. "Between Lexical and Lexico-Grammatical Classification: Nominal Classification in Sinhala."
Martin Hilpert. "The Lexical Category Auxiliary in Sinhala."
Carmen Jany. "The Relationship Between Case Marking and S, A, and O in Spoken Sinhala."
You-Jing Lin. "The Transformation of the Vertical Axis to Horizontal: A Case Study from Sinhala."
Danielle Mathieu-Reeves. "Direct and Indirect Causation in Sinhala: Examining the Complexity Continuum."
Carlos M. Nash. "A Phonetic and Phonological Approach to Stress in Sinhala Verbs."
Valerie Sultan. "Information Packaging in Sinhala: A Preliminary Study of Adverbial Clauses in Focus Constructions."
Chris Taylor. "Perfect, Sequence, Recapitulation: Common Construal and the Sinhala Conjunctive Participle."
Benjamin R. Walker. "Relative Clauses in Sinhala."
Benjamin Wheeler. "Complementation in Colloquial Sinhala: Observations on the Binding Hierarchy."

Volume 18 (2006) – Proceedings from the Ninth Workshop on American Indigenous Languages – Lea Harper, Editor

Front Matter
Gerardo Aldana. "Vowel Disharmony, Mayan Hieroglyphic Writing, and Indigenous Education: cultural catalysts and responsible ethnographic research."
Bernadette Archuleta, Heather Cowan, Megan Hoffman, Steven Menefee, Lisa Pacheco, & Katy Pieri. Navajo Language Consultants: Melvatha Chee & Jalon Begay. "Áádóó : An Analysis of a Navajo Discourse Marker."
Evan Ashworth. "On Nanbé Tewa Language Ideologies.
Jason Brown & James J. Thompson. "The Emergence of Determiner Clisis in Upriver Halkomelem."
Pamela Bunte. "Narrative, Place, and Identity in a Southern Paiute Community."
Ruth E. Cisneros, Joey Alexanian, Jalon Begay, & Megan Goldberg. "The Language of Humor: Navajo."
Anna Clawson. "How to say ‘we’ in Aleut: choices in a topic-tracking language.
Donna B. Gerdts & Thomas E. Hukari. "The Argument Structure of Halkomelem Verb Roots: Evidence from Intransitive/Transitive Alternations."
Grandon Goertz, Katy Lenté, Stefanie Adams, Jalon Begay, & Melvatha Chee. "Use of causatives in Navajo: Syntax and morphology."
Carmen Jany. "Vowel Length and Phonation Contrasts in Chuxnabán Mixe."
Simoni M. B. Valadares. "Some Notes on Possessive Constructions in Palikur (Arawak, Brazil)."
Juanita L. Watters. "Ownership through knowledge: Introducing a hands-on literacy method to indigenous people of Mexico."

Volume 19 (2008) – Proceedings from the Eleventh Workshop on American Indigenous Languages – Joye Kiester and Verónica Muñoz-Ledo, Editors

"Foreword." pp. 1-2
Leora Bar-el & Ryan Denzer-King. "Irrealis in Blackfoot?" pp. 3-14
Joshua Birchall. "Determining Gender Markedness in Wari’." pp. 15-24
Ryan Denzer-King. "Neologisms in Indigenous Languages of North America." pp. 25-39
Carmen Jany. "Relativization versus Nominalization Strategies in Chimariko." pp. 40-

Volume 20 (2009) – Proceedings from the Twelfth Workshop on American Indigenous Languages – Daisy Rosenblum and Carrie Meeker, Editors

Volume 21 (2010) – Proceedings from the Thirteenth Workshop on American Indigenous Languages – Stephanie Gamble Morse and Daisy Rosenblum, Editors

Katherine Nelson. "Ejectives in Nez Perce." pp. 1-13
Carmen Jany. "Assimilatory Processes in Chuxnabán Mixe." 14-28
Mary Paster. "The Role of Homophony Avoidance in Morphology: A Case Study from Mixtec." pp. 29-39
Heidi Harley & Alex Trueman. "Hiaki pronominals and the typology of deficiency." pp. 40-54
Östen Dahl. "Tense and evidentiality in Sirionó and Yuki." pp. 55-67
Stefanie Ramos Bierge. "Complement clause types in Northern Tepehuan: a continuum of semantic and syntactic complexity." pp. 68-81
Keiko Beers. "Categorical Restrictions of Positional Verbs in Teotitlán del Valle Zapotec." pp. 82-96
Susanne Vejdemo & Hunter Lockwood. "'There is no thermostat in the forest' - Talking about Temperature in Anishinaabemowin (Ojibwe)." pp. 97-114
Melissa Borgia & Sandy Dowdy. "Building an Intergenerational, Home-Based Language Nest." pp. 115-127

Volume 22 (2011) – Proceedings from the Fourteenth Workshop on American Indigenous Languages – Stephanie Gamble Morse and Elliott Hoey, Editors

Dibella Wdzenczny. "Temporal expression in Wichi nominals." pp. 1-15
Murat Yasavul. "Negation and focus in K'iche'." pp. 16-37
Meredith Johnson & Bryan Rosen. "On the syntax of coodination in Menominee." pp. 38-48
Peter Ara Guekguezian. "Topics in Chukchansi Yokuts Phonology and Mophology." pp. 49-69

Volume 23 (2014) Proceedings from the Fifteenth Workshop on American Indigenous Languages Elliott Hoey and Dibella Wdzenczny, Editors