• Assistant Professor

Psycholinguistics; sentence production; sentence processing; memory and language; eye-tracking; quantitative methods; meta-science


  • SH 3515
  • Professor

Sociocultural linguistics; language and identity; language and youth; language and race; language, gender, and sexuality; African American English; Chicano English and Spanish; language in California; discourse, cognition, and culture

  • Associate Professor
  • Director of Undergraduate Studies

Typological, functional, and community-based approaches to phonology, morphology, syntax, historical linguistics, language documentation, lexical semantics, lexicography, language and culture, especially regarding Otomanguean languages spoken in Mexico and California

  • Research Professor Emeritus

Native American languages; discourse; prosody; language and thought; laughter

  • Associate Professor Emerita

Language acquisition; language socialization; Japanese/Korean linguistics; discourse and grammar

  • Adjunct Assistant Professor

Intercultural communication; ethnography and communication; theories of cultural adjustment; social semiotic processes of identification; language ideologies and linguistic landscapes; language and globalization

  • Professor

Discourse and grammar; sociocultural linguistics; referential pragmatics; grammaticization and emergence; complex adaptive linguistics; corpus linguistics; transcription; Mayan languages

  • Senior Lecturer SOE

Second language writing, pedagogical grammar, applications of corpus linguistics to second language pedagogy, content-based instruction

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  • South Hall 3505
  • Professor Emerita

Language documentation and description, endangered languages, phonology, morphology, syntax, typology, language change, Tibeto-Burman and Himalayan languages, Rhaeto-Romance

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  • South Hall 3520
  • Professor
  • Chair

Phonetics; phonology; prosody; typology

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  • South Hall 3522
  • Professor

Corpus linguistics; statistical methods in linguistics; usage-/exemplar-based linguistics / construction grammar; corpus linguistics and the law

  • South Hall 3506
  • Assistant Professor
  • Equity Inclusion and Diversity Advocate

Documentation and description of sign languages, child language acquisition of signed languages, usage-based and ethnographic approaches to acquisition, linguistic ethnographyincluding language socialization and language ideologies, inclusion and social justice in linguistics


  • Assistant Professor
  • Director of UCSB SPArK

Phonetics; speech production; laboratory phonology; articulatory phonology; prosody

  • Lecturer

Phonology; morphology; phonetics; reduplication; ultrasound; cross-sectional imaging; prosodic phonology; dialects of English; linguistics of sports

  • Professor Emeritus

Evolutionary origin of language; animal communication; language and brain

  • (805) 893-5841
  • South Hall 3516
  • Professor

Morphology, syntax, discourse, prosody, and their interrelations; language contact and language change; typology and universals; language documentation; American Indian linguistics; Austronesian linguistics

  • Assistant Professor

Morphology, syntax, lexical semantics, lexicography, typology, language documentation, language revitalization, language maintenance, language work methodologies, with special emphasis on Mayan languages.

  • Professor Emeritus

Syntax, language and gender, language acquisition

  • Research Professor Emerita

Interactional linguistics, conversation and grammar, cross-linguistic studies of morphosyntactic patterns, languages of East Asia (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hmong)

  • Assistant Professor

Computational linguistics; psycholinguistics; corpus linguistics; speech perception; language variation, change, and evolution; phonology and its interactions with morphology and syntax

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  • Associate Professor
  • Director of Graduate Studies

Sociolinguistics and linguistic anthropology; sociophonetics; language, gender, and sexuality, especially within transgender and LGBQ communities; embodiment; language and identity; language socialization; ethnography; acoustic and perceptual phonetics; discourse analysis.

  • South Hall 3518