Lina Hou

Assistant Professor
Equity Inclusion and Diversity Advocate

Office Hours

Thursday 2-3PM via zoom
Friday 11-12PM via zoom
And by appointment

Office Location

South Hall 3507


Child language acquisition of signed languages, usage-based and ethnographic approaches to acquisition, language socialization and ideologies, documentation and description of emerging and established sign languages, cognitive-functional linguistics especially construction grammar and exemplar models


2016 Ph.D in Linguistics, The University of Texas at Austin

2016-2018 University of California President's Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, University of California, San Diego




LING 129 Sign languages and signing communities (S19, W20)

LING 137 First language acquisition (W19, F19)


LING 237 First language acquisition (F18)

LING 288 Language socialization (S20)