Kristine Køhler Mortensen

Visiting Faculty/Researcher


sociocultural linguistics; language and identity; language, gender and sexuality; language in interaction; online dating interaction; CMC


2009 MA Danish Studies and German Literature, University of Copenhagen - Karl's University Prague
2005 BA Danish Studies and German Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen- University of Lüneburg


My research interests lie within the fields of feminist linguistics and sociocultural linguistics, focusing on gendering as a performative process that emerges in the interface between micro-level interactional practices and macro-level structures of community ideologies.

During my BA studies, I worked on the use of sexist language and face-threatening-acts among a group of young Danish women. For my MA research, I studied face-to-face flirtatious interaction among young heterosexuals in Denmark with a focus on refusals of sexual invitations.

My current dissertation project is an ethnographic sociolinguistic study of intimate interaction and desire construction in heterosexual online dating.



My dissertation consists of research in the following areas:

  • Constructions of heterosexual desire in homosociality in an online dating context
  • Methodological and ethcial issues in intimate data collection
  • The use of digital ressources in online flirtatious interaction


Mortensen, K. K. 2010, ' Seductive Conversations '. i J Normann Jørgensen (red.), Love Ya Hate Ya: The Sociolinguistic Study of Youth Language and Youth Identities. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne, s. 151-170. 

Mortensen, K. K. 2010, ' Kan I kende dem drenge?: Sexistisk sprogbrug og kønsidentitet blandt fire unge, danske kvinder ' Koebenhavnerstudier i Tosprogethed , vol 56, s. 61-81.