UCSB Linguistics represents at LSA, AAA

Students, faculty, and alumni from UCSB Linguistics were well represented at two major conferences this year, the Linguistic Society of America’s annual meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah (January 2018) and the American Anthropological Association’s annual meeting in Washington D.C. (November 2017).

At the Linguistic Society of America’s annual meeting, professor Anne Charity Hudley presented in the panel “Our Linguistics Community: Addressing Bias, Power Dynamics, Harassment” and, together with professor Mary Bucholtz, the panel “Linguistics and Race: An Interdisciplinary Approach Towards an LSA Statement on Race”. Graduate students Kendra Calhoun, Dibella Caminsky, Yi-Yang Cheng, and Julia Fine presented their original research, and graduate student Megan Lukaniec presented as part of a special session entitled “Sharing Our Views: Native Americans Speak About Language and Linguistics”, with a workshop component also co-organised with Adrienne Tsikewa. Professor Marianne Mithun and graduate students Alexia Fawcett, Daniel Hieber, Megan Lukaniec, and Morgan Sleeper all presented at the Society for the Study of the Indigenous Languages of the America’s (SSILA) meeting, and professor Robert Kennedy presented at the American Dialect Society’s (ADS) meeting.

At the American Anthropological Association’s annual meeting, graduate student Shawn Warner-Garcia organised and presented on the panel “Controversy and Community: Examining the Intersections of Religion and Sexuality”, and graduate students Joyhanna Yoo Garza & Jamaal Muwwakkil organised and presented on the panel “Research, Me-search, and Soulsearch: Learning Ethnographic Ethics in Linguistic Anthropology”, with professor Mary Bucholtz as the discussant. Graduate student Anna Bax organised the panels “From the Alt-Right to Social Justice Warriors: Gender Politics and Social Media”, featuring graduate student Simon Peters and alumna Chloe Brotheron (’17), and “Digital Sexualities: Negotiating, Constructing, and Selling (A)sexual Selves Online”, with graduate student Julia Fine presenting and professor Lal Zimman as discussant. Professor John Du Bois presented on the panel “Intercommunity relationships and cultural evolution: Diverse anthropology for a diversity of experience”, professor Lal Zimman presented on the panel “Ten years of a coalition in sociocultural linguistics: Contemporary and future directions”, alumnus Carlos Nash organised the workshop “Technological Methodologies in Language Documentation and Anthropology”, and graduate student Kendra Calhoun presented on the panel “Language, Race, and Digital Space”.

UCSB Linguistics group at AAA
Graduate student Shawn Warner-Garcia and alumnus Carlos Nash at AAA
Graduate student Kendra Calhoun at LSA