Professor Lal Zimman Receives LGBTQ Faculty Engagement Award

This spring, Professor Lal Zimman was presented with the LGBTQ Faculty Engagement Award by the Resource Center for Gender and Sexual Diversity. During his time at UCSB, Prof. Zimman’s activities have focused on empowering transgender students and other members of the campus community. These activities include giving workshops on trans-inclusive language for faculty and staff; collaboratively developing material for the RCSGD to use in future trainings; serving on the UCSB Transgender Task Force; mentoring students through the RCSGD’s mentorship program; collaborating with the RCSGD and Department of German and Slavic Studies to create a series of workshops on teaching languages with grammatical gender in trans-affirming ways; speaking on political correctness and linguistic harm, particularly as it applies to trans people, as part of a panel as part of the Day of Democratic Education following the 2017 presidential inauguration.

Accepting the award, Professor Zimman said: "I am so grateful for this recognition and for the opportunity to contribute to UCSB’s trans and queer communities. I owe thanks to the RCSGD and especially to LGBTQQIA+ student activists who have so deeply inspired me with their strength, resilience, capacity to support one another, and vision for a better world."