Name Area of Emphasis
Uche Aaron
1994, Nigeria Bible Translation
Tense and aspect in Obolo grammar and discourse
Allison S. Adelman
Graduate Student
Japanese and Korean linguistics, Spanish, first and second language acquisition, discourse and grammar, language contact, bilingualism, sociocultural linguistics, language and cognition
Ayla Applebaum
Graduate Student
Languages of the Caucasus; Turkic languages; language documentation; Circassian diaspora
Lynnette Arnold
Graduate Student
sociocultural linguistics (linguistic anthropology and interaction); language, mobility, and globalization; language and identity; communicative practices in transnational families; Salvadoran Spanish; dialect and language contact; multimodal communication
Uldis Balodis
2011, University of Helsinki
Livonian; Native American languages, especially Uto-Aztecan; sociocultural linguistics; ecolinguistics; applications of complexity theory to linguistics
Mieko Banno
Towards a discourse model of prosodic structure: A prosodic and syntactic analysis of declination in Japanese
Brendan Barnwell
How thoughts become words; discourse; language and cognition; language acquisition; psychology of language; corpus linguistics
Ellen Bartee
2007, SIL International
A Grammar of Dongwan Tibetan
Karen Barteld
Staff Undergraduate Advisor
Undergraduate major, minor, and program advising; student petitions for major requirements, approval codes, university and department undergrad awards, course scheduling and wait-lists, seminar room scheduling, undergrad listserve and alumni info
Anna Bax
Graduate Student
Sociocultural linguistics; language, power, and privilege in educational contexts; linguistic ideologies; language and racial/gender identities; language in interaction; linguistic anthropology
Andrea Berez
2011, University of Hawai'i
Northern Athabaskan, language documentation, geography and language, spatial cognition, language archiving
Joseph Brooks
Graduate Student
Language documentation and description; language contact and change; prosody; Chini (Ramu); Hua (Trans-New Guinea); Yiddish (Germanic); Shona (Bantu)
Gregory Brown
2007, Carpinteria Unified School District
Contextual constraints on interaction: Soaring talk
Mary Bucholtz
Sociocultural linguistics; language and identity; language and youth; language and race; language, gender, and sexuality; African American English; Chicano English and Spanish; language in California; discourse, cognition, and culture
Akiyo Maruyama Cantrell
2007, University of California, Santa Barbara
Hiroshima stories: The construction of collective memorialization in survivors' narratives
Nancy Caplow
2009, Oklahoma State University
Reconstructing stress in Proto-Tibetan: a study in historical comparative acoustics
Wallace Chafe
Professor Emeritus
Native American languages; discourse; prosody; language and thought; laughter
Patricia M. Clancy
Associate Professor
Language acquisition; language socialization; Japanese/Korean linguistics; discourse and grammar
Bernard Comrie
Distinguished Faculty Professor
Language universals and typology; historical linguistics; languages of the Caucasus; languages of New Guinea
Simon Corston-Oliver
Computing representations of the structure of written discourse
Rachel Cranfill
Graduate Student
Sociocultural linguistics, language and gender in math and science, linguistic constructions of expertise
Caroline Crouch
Graduate Student
phonetics and phonology; languages of the Caucasus; historical linguistics; documentation
Melissa L. Curtin
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Intercultural communication; ethnography and communication; theories of cultural adjustment; social semiotic processes of identification; language ideologies and linguistic landscapes; language and globalization
Shannon Dalton
Instructional Program Assistant
Visitor parking arrangements, teaching evaluations, room and media equipment reservations, website updates and questions, technical assistance (e.g., copiers, printers), textbook and desk copy orders, office hours listings, keys, office supplies, business cards, door codes
Don Daniels
Graduate Student
Historical linguistics, fieldwork, descriptive morphosyntax, Papuan languages, the Trans-New Guinea family (especially the Madang subgroup)
Chris Donlay
Graduate Student
Language documentation & revitalization; grammaticalization & historical linguistics; typology; discourse and grammar; Katso (Yunnan Mongolian) and other minority languages in China, such as those in the Ngwi family; Athabaskan languages, particularly Eyak; Tachelhit Berber
John W. Du Bois
Discourse and grammar; sociocultural linguistics; referential pragmatics; grammaticization and emergence; complex adaptive linguistics; corpus linguistics; transcription; Mayan languages
Kayla Eisman
Graduate Student
Language revitalization; North American languages; Navajo; discourse; education
Robert Englebretson
2000, Rice University
Complementation in colloquial Indonesian conversation: A discourse-functional perspective
Michael Ewing
1999, University of Melbourne
The clause in Cirebon Javanese conversation
Kenneth L. Field
1997, Panasonic Speech Technology Laboratory
A grammatical overview of Santa Mongolian
Margaret Field
1997, San Diego State University
Maintenance of ways of speaking in a community undergoing language shift: Language socialization in a Navajo preschool
Steven Fincke
Sto. Domingo Bikol verbal portmanteau morphemes: Transitivity in conversation
Jan Frodesen
Senior Lecturer SOE
Second language writing, pedagogical grammar, applications of corpus linguistics to second language pedagogy, content-based instruction
Nilson Gabas Jr.
1999, Museo Paraense Emilio Goeldi
A grammar of Karo, Tupi (Brazil)
Jennifer Garland
2008, Linguistic Data Consortium
The minority language and the cosmopolitan speaker: Ideologies of Irish language learners
Carol Genetti
Language documentation and description, endangered languages, phonology, morphology, syntax, typology, language change, Tibeto-Burman and Himalayan languages, Rhaeto-Romance
Matthew Gordon
Phonetics; phonology; prosody; typology
Stefan Th. Gries
Undergraduate Advisor
Corpus linguistics; cognitive linguistics and construction grammar; statistical methods in linguistics
Salomé Gutiérrez Morales
2008, Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Superiores en Antropología Social
Borrowing and Grammaticalization in Sierra Popoluca: The Influence of Nahuatl and Spanish
Patrick Hall
Graduate Student
Language Documentation and Description; Oto-Manguean languages; Mixtec in California; Kashaya Pomo; Digital Linguistics; Linguistics and Technology; Community-Based Linguistics
Annette R. Harrison
2008, Corban University
Directives in Lingala: Participation and subjectivity in a Congolese women's church group
Marja-Liisa Helasvuo
1997, University of Turku
When discourse becomes syntax: Noun phrases and clauses as emergent syntactic units in Finnish conversational discourse
Timothy J. P. Henry
2012, California State University, Fullerton
A Pedagogical Grammar of Ventureño Chumash: Implementing Grammatical Theory in Grammar Writing
Daniel W. Hieber
Graduate Student
language documentation, description, and revitalization; typology; economics and praxeology of language; Chitimacha and the Gulf languages; Swahili, Ekegusii and East African languages
Kristine Hildebrandt
2003, South Illinois University Edwardsville
Manange tone: Scenarios of retention and loss in two communities
Daniel J. Hintz
2008, SIL International
Aspect and aspectual interfaces in South Conchucos Quechua: The emergence of grammatical systems
Diane Hintz
2007, SIL International
Past tense forms and their functions in South Conchucos Quechua: Time, evidentiality, discourse structure, and affect
Alicia Holm
Graduate Program Assistant
Recruitment and admissions, student progress checks, advising, TA coordinator, payroll, fee remissions, committee consultant, student awards, stipends, block grant/graduate funding support, email list administrator
Gary Holton
2000 University of Alaska
The phonology and morphology of the Tanacross Athabaskan language
Carmen Jany
2007, California State University, San Bernardino
Chimariko in typological and areal perspective
M. Agnes Kang
2000, University of Hong Kong
Talk, interaction and cultural persistence: Constituting Korean American discourse in a meeting context
Elise Kärkkäinen
1998, University of Oulu
The marking and interactional functions of epistemic stance in American English conversational discourse
Barbara Kelly
2003, University of Melbourne
The emergence of argument structure from gesture to speech
Kobin Kendrick
2010, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics
Conversation analysis; grammar and interaction; language and sexuality in interaction; Mandarin Chinese linguistics
Robert Kennedy
Phonology; morphology; phonetics; reduplication; ultrasound; cross-sectional imaging; prosodic phonology; dialects of English; linguistics of sports
Nicholas Kibre
Analysis of terminal contours in Welsh intonation
Ana Kondic
Visiting Faculty/Researcher
Descriptive Linguistics, Language Documentation, Mayan languages, Huastecan, Mesoamerican Linguistics, Syntax, Expression of Space
Steven Lasswell
1997, Santa Barbara City College
An ecological reference grammar of Soelring North Frisian
Ritva Laury
1995, University of Helsinki
Areas of emphasis: grammar-in-interaction, grammaticization, reference, and indexicality; Finnish linguistics
Jung-Eun Janie Lee
2010, University of Mary Washington
Linguistic Citizenship and Ideologies of Americanness in a U.S. Naturalization Class
Nick Lester
Graduate Student
Cognitive linguistics (esp. Construction Grammar, Cognitive Grammar); quantitative corpus linguistics; psycholinguistics; polysemy/ambiguity; deixis; viewpoint; motion events; Second Language Acquisition; emergent grammar
Charles N. Li
Professor Emeritus
Evolutionary origin of language; animal communication; language and brain
You-Jing Lin
2009, Peking University
Units in Zhuokeji rGyalrong Discourse: Prosody and Grammar
Audrey Lopez
Graduate Student
Sociocultural linguistics, talk in interaction, language and power, language and identity, youth language, applied linguistics, multilingualism, second language acquisition
Qiuana Lopez
Visiting Faculty/Researcher
Jessica Love-Nichols
Graduate Student
Megan Lukaniec
Graduate Student
Iroquoian languages (esp. Wendat); historical linguistics; language documentation, description, and revitalization; morphology; typology
Edmundo Luna
2009, Majan University College, Oman
The Semi-formulaic Nature of Balinese Sociopolitical Discourse
Patricia Mayes
1999, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Linguistic reflections of social structure and culture: A comparison of Japanese and American cooking class genres
Bradley McDonnell
Graduate Student
Austronesian linguistics, documentary linguistics, morphology, syntax, grammar and discourse, phonetics-phonology
Marianne Mithun
Morphology, syntax, discourse, prosody, and their interrelations; language contact and language change; typology and universals; language documentation; American Indian linguistics; Austronesian linguistics
Stephanie Morse
Graduate Student
Language Documentation, Anishinaabemowin/Odawa, Algonquian languages, Phonetics, Phonology, Typology, Morphology, Ethnobotany, Functional Syntax
Kristine Køhler Mortensen
Visiting Faculty/Researcher
sociocultural linguistics; language and identity; language, gender and sexuality; language in interaction; online dating interaction; CMC
Fermín Moscoso del Prado Martín
Assistant Professor
Psycholinguistics, quantitative linguistics, computational linguistics, cognitive modelling, statistics
Verónica Muñoz Ledo Yáñez
Graduate Student
Mesoamerican languages; phonology; morphology; syntax; historical linguistics; language and cognition
Toshihide Nakayama
1997, Tokyo Institute of Foreign Studies
Discourse-pragmatic dynamism in Nuu-cha-nulth (Nootka) morphosyntax
Carlos Nash
Phonetics; phonology; sociocultural linguistics (gay discourse)
Onna Nelson
Graduate Student
corpus linguistics; internet linguistics; language and cognition; universals and typology; language acquisition
Nancy Niedzielski
1997, Rice University
The effect of social information on the phonetic perception of sociolinguistic variables
Loretta O'Connor
2004, Radboud University Nijmegen
Motion, transfer, and transformation: The grammar of change in Lowland Chontal
Tsuyoshi Ono
1996, University of Alberta
Information flow and grammatical structure in Barbareno Chumash
Minerva Oropeza-Escobar
2005, Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Superiores en Antropología Social
Resonance, represented discourse and joking in Mexican Spanish conversation.
Joseph Sung-Yul Park
2004, National University of Singapore
Globalization, language, and social order: Ideologies of English in South Korea
Laura C. Robinson
Visiting Assistant Professor
Language documentation, fieldwork, historical linguistics, Austronesian languages, Papuan languages, language and prehistory
Daisy Rosenblum
Graduate Student
Mayan languages; Wakashan languages; community-based language documentation and maintenance; discourse and grammar; morphology
Carl Rubino
A reference grammar of Ilocano
Brenda Ruiz
Financial and Budget Coordinator
Business meeting, entertainment, travel, and miscellaneous reimbursements, undergraduate and graduate RA hires (hourly), time sheets and payroll for hourly employees, graduate stipends (non-block grant), undergraduate stipends, financial reports
Kathy Sands
2004, SIL International
Patternings of vocalic sequences in the world's languages
Kevin Schäfer
Graduate Student
Kevin Schafer
Computer Lab Manager
S. Scott Schupbach
Graduate Student
Language documentation; language and cognition; usage-based approaches to acquisition and language change; spatial language; deixis; demonstratives; Blackfoot (Algonquian) language and revitalization; Attic (and Koine) Greek
Arthur Schwartz
Professor Emeritus
Syntax, language and gender, language acquisition
Petra Scott Shenk
Historical conflict in present-day interaction: Discursive social action and decision-making for the future of the Chehalis River Watershed
Reijirou Shibasaki
Meiji University (April 2013)
Personal pronouns and argument structure: Discourse frequency, diachrony and typology
Robin Shoaps
2004, University of Alaska, Fairbanks
Morality in grammar and discourse: Stance-taking and the negotiation of moral personhood in Sakapultek (Mayan) wedding counsels
Rebekka Siemens
Graduate Student
Endangered languages; phonetics and phonology; language ideology
Heather Simpson
Graduate Student
language and cognition; corpus linguistics; speech errors; language acquisition; Japanese; Korean; Hiligaynon
Keith Slater
1998, SIL International
Minhe Mangghuer: A mixed language of the inner-Asian frontier
Morgan Sleeper
Graduate Student
Music and language revitalization, tone, phonation, orthography, Celtic languages, Cherokee, Bergamasque & the languages of Northern Italy, Classical Chinese
Dana Spoonerow
SASC Director
All management functions related to the operations of administrative support and services of the SASC (Student Services and Academic Services units) provided to South Hall HFA departments and programs in the areas of Academic Personnel, Financial/Budget, Student Services, Contract and Grant administration, Purchasing, IT, Space, Development and Alumni Relations, Safety, Policy and Procedures, etc.
Martin Stokes
Manager, Student Services Unit
Managerial oversight of Student Services Unit of the SASC, student services policy and procedures - Curriculum planning and course scheduling, TA/Associate/Reader appointments and payroll, student services staff supervisor
Ryoko Suzuki
1999, Keio University
Grammaticization in Japanese: A study of pragmatic particle-ization
Tomoyo Takagi
2001, University of Tsukuba
Sequence management in Japanese child-adult interactions
Hiroko Takanashi
2004, Japan Women's University
The interactional co-construction of play in Japanese conversation
Nobutaka Takara
2012, University of the Ryukyus
The Tonology of Itoman Okinawan: A Phonological Analysis of the Nominal Tone System
Hongyin Tao
1993, University of California Los Angeles
Units in Mandarin: Discourse and grammar
Sandra A. Thompson
Research Professor
Interactional linguistics, conversation and grammar, cross-linguistic studies of morphosyntactic patterns, languages of East Asia (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hmong)
Monica Turk Burden
Projection in Mandarin Chinese conversation: Grammar and social interaction in question-answer sequences
Chris VanderStouwe
Graduate Student
Language and identity; language and sexuality; discourse analysis; corpus linguistics; sociophonetics; language in interaction; linguistic anthropology
Alexander Wahl
Graduate Student
Corpus Linguistics, Psycholinguistics, Sociocultural Linguistics
Neil Alexander Walker
Language documentation; Pomoan languages; phonetics; morphology; applied linguistics
Shawn Warner-Garcia
Graduate Student
sociocultural linguistics; linguistic anthropology; language and identity (gender, sexuality, religion); multimodal communication; multilingualism; American English; Italian; Spanish
Suzanne Wash
Adverbial clauses in Barbareño Chumash narrative discourse
Dibella Wdzenczny
Graduate Student
Historical linguistics/language change, case systems, Siberian languages (esp. Chukotko-Kamchatkan)
Meg Wilson
Academic Personnel Coordinator
Personnel policy and procedures, faculty recruitment and appointments, ladder faculty merits, promotions, career steps, retentions, appraisals, non-senate faculty re-appointments, excellence reviews, merits, payroll, additional compensation, and contracts, sabbatical and other leaves, donor acknowledgment, faculty email list administrator, visiting scholars, new faculty email, UCSBNetID, orientation
Hannah Yates
Graduate Student