Publication News: Professors Publish on Phonology

New books from Matthew Gordon and Robert Kennedy:

Matthew Gordon: Phonological Typology (Oxford University Press, 2016)

Drawing on a survey of phonological patterns in the World Atlas of Language Structures, corpus studies of individual languages, and existing typologies, this volume explores the distribution of sounds in the world’s languages, from syllable structures and phoneme inventories to patterns of intonation, stress, tone, and more. Data-driven and wide-ranging, it examines patterns in both synchronic and diachronic terms to provide insight on the phonetic and phonological forces responsible for the phonological typologies observed.

Robert Kennedy: Phonology: A Coursebook (Cambridge University Press, 2016)

This textbook introduces students to a wide range of phonological topics, including phonemic analysis, natural classes, distinctive features, syllable structure, tone, stress, feature geometry, optimality theory, and more. Written in an accessible style and organized to help students build on new knowledge as they go, the text begins with straightforward introductory examples and gradually presents more complex phonological phenomena, all in carefully curated data sets — both classic and newly compiled — and accompanied by up to date theoretical insight.