Ling Club Brings Linguistics Out of the Classroom

Now a long-standing tradition, the UCSB Ling Club continues to offer undergraduate Linguistics majors and other interested students a chance to get together, meet other majors, and learn about all aspects of linguistics. Currently helmed by third-year graduate student Phillip Rogers, Ling Club meets Tuesdays nights to hear and talk with guest speakers, discuss chosen topics, study, and socialize.

Events this year have included a panel on ‘Graduate Research and Fieldwork’, a special session on Sino-Tibetan languages by graduate student Nate Sims, a guest presentation by UCSB alumna Dr. Heidi Brumbaugh on computational linguistics in the startup world, and an information session on study abroad opportunities from the EAP office. In addition to their academic pursuits, Ling Club members keep busy with arts and crafts, linguist-friendly board games (Boggle is a perennial favorite), and working on their club conlang, led by student Jesse Wade. Next steps for the club include a panel on graduate schooling and careers in Speech Pathology and Speech & Hearing Sciences, and wug-themed t-shirts. If you’re an alum and would be interested in sharing your experiences and expertise with the club, please get in touch with Phillip at!