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LLBA: Primary linguistics abstract index

Linguistic Bibliography


Anthropology Plus

Communication Abstracts

ERIC: Education abstracts



Sociological Abstracts


Melvyl: UC-wide catalog

Pegasus: UCSB catalog


Electronic journals: Search the library's list of e-journals


Library recommendations: Use this form to recommend a book or journal for the Library to purchase


Human Subjects




OED: English etymological dictionary


Linguist List: Popular mailing list & much more


WALS: World Atlas of Language Structure

Ethnologue: Catalog of the world's languages

The Rosetta Project: Building an archive of ALL documented human languages

Yamada Language Guides: Find language resources on the web


Sounds of Languages: Peter Ladefoged's website




Talkbank: A vast archive of transcribed and untranscribed audio-video data; read the database manual and browse the media directory; includes data from English, French (1, 2), German (1, 2), Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Swedish


Online Corpora: Links to corpora for English, Hungarian, Croatian, Czech, Greek, Polish, Russian, German, Portugues, Spanish


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Registrar: Calendars and Deadlines

Curriculum Search


Grad Div





U-Web: Server space for a website

U-Storage: Online file storage that can be accessed from the web or directly from your computer


VPN client: Use the VPN client to access the Ling-Server from home (unless you live in student housing) or to access e-journals without a proxy


SBMTD: When's the next bus?




SIL: IPA fonts & more


Praat: Phonetic analysis software

OTSoft: OT software

Toolbox: Data management and analysis tool for field linguists

Elan: Tool for the annotation of video and audio data

Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator: Type those funny IPA symbols with ease


Unicode Fonts

Charis SIL

Doulos SIL




Linguistics Dictionaries/Glossaries

Lexicon of Linguistics

SIL's glossary of linguistic terms

Englishbiz.co.uk's glossary: A-M, N-Z

Orbis Latinus Linguistic Terms

Glossary of grammatical terms