Introduction to Segmental Phonology: Documentation

Distinctive Feature Tables

A distinctive feature table (DFT) is a table that displays the values of all the distinctive features in the feature set for the segments specified by the user. The feature set, as mentioned before, is static. It was fixed when the feature database was created. The set of segments displayed in a particular table is dynamic; it is determined by the phoneme sets and filters selected by the user. The following table is the DFT for all the front vowels currently in the feature database:

This table was generated using the phonetic filter for front vowels. The first row of the table reads 'All Sounds' because there was no phoneme set specified, meaning that the filter (in this case for front vowels) was applied to all the sounds in the database. An image of the IPA symbol for all the segments in the set is displayed in the second row of the table. The feature names are listed down the lefthand side of the table and the features values appear below the appropriate segment.

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