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The University of California Santa Barbara will host an interdisciplinary conference “Languages and Genes” on 2006 September 8–10, which will bring together leading international specialists in the areas of linguistics, genetics, anthropology, and archeology. The aim is to ascertain the state of the art with regard to cooperative research among these disciplines relating to human prehistory, in particular the major population movements that led to the demographic distribution of population groups, and especially to identify the most promising developments for future research on this problem from a multi-disciplinary perspective.

In preparation for the proposed conference, a position paper will be circulated setting out the main issues that have arisen so far and identifying the major questions that will shape the conference and future developments. Abstracts of participants’ papers will be made available on the conference web site, and at the conference itself relatively little time will therefore be devoted to presentation, with proportionally more time being devoted to discussion. In addition, a call is going out inviting abstracts for a poster session to enable selected scholars and students to participate in the conference. The proceedings of the conference will be prepared for publication with a leading academic publisher.

The main intellectual thrust of the conference is the development of solutions to long-standing problems in human history, problems that continue to excite the interest not only of specialists but also of the general public, through the enhancement of interdisciplinary perspectives that provide insights that would not be achievable through any of the individual disciplines in isolation. The broader impact of the conference will be first in defining the most profitable avenues for future cooperation among the disciplines in investigating as yet unanswered questions; second in introducing a number of junior scholars to ongoing developments; and third in drawing to the attention of a broader public the achievements - and current limitations - of research into prehistoric human migrations.


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