Welcome Incoming Graduate Student Cohort of 2016

This year the Department of Linguistics is happy to welcome a new cohort of four graduate students, from across the US and beyond!

Erin Adamson received her BA in Spanish from Spelman College and her MA in English-Linguistics from North Carolina State University. Her MA thesis examined the use of quotatives and constructed dialogue of college educated African American women. Her research interests include African American Women’s Language, discourse analysis, suprasegmentals, and sociocultural linguistics. Outside of the classroom, Erin enjoys reading, writing, and binge-watching television.

Sandra Auderset received her BA and MA with a major in General Linguistics and a minor in Indo-European Linguistics from the University of Zurich, Switzerland. Her MA thesis examined the diachronic connection between person and voice markers from a typological perspective combined with detailed analyses of single languages and language families. Her research interests include typology with a focus on diachrony, mechanisms of language change and quantitative methods. Some of her non-linguistic hobbies include cooking, dancing — especially jazz and contemporary — swimming, yoga, and spending time with good friends and good wine.

Jamaal Muwwakkil received his BA in Applied Linguistics from UCLA in 2016. His honors thesis focused on the language of criminalization directed towards the P2P (peer to peer) file-sharing community. This work utilizes discourse analysis and corpus linguistics to understand negative characterization through specialized language use. His research interests include sociocultural linguistics, (critical) discourse analysis, corpus linguistics, and language ideology. Jamaal also enjoys competitive video games, basketball, and watching Netflix.

Adrienne Tsikewa received her BA in Spanish with a minor in Linguistics from Colorado College and a MA in Linguistics with a focus on Native American Languages from the University of Arizona. Her MA thesis focused on Zuni word classes. Her research interests include language documentation, language revitalization/maintenance/preservation, sociocultural linguistics, applied linguistics, language acquisition, heritage languages, language ideologies, language and identity, community based linguistics, Native American languages. Born and raised in Denver, CO, with maternal family from Zuni Pueblo, NM, she considers both places home. In her spare time, she likes to sleep, watch movies, cook, take road trips, and go to concerts.