Graduate Student News

Linguistics Graduate Student News

Spring 2013

Lynnette Arnold received a UCSB Broom Center for Demography Research Grant for her project entitled "Transnational Salvadoran Families Managing the Consequences of Migration: Informing Qualitative Data through Survey Methodology."
Lynnette Arnold received a UCSB Graduate Division Humanities and Social Science Research Grant for her dissertation project entitled "Talking Practicalities, Negotiating Power: Everyday Communication and Decision Making in Transnational Salvadoran Families."
Lynnette Arnold's article "Reproducing Actions, Reproducing Power: Local Ideologies and Everyday Practices of Participation at a California Community Bike Shop" was published in the Journal of Linguistic Anthropology 22(3): 137-158, 2013.
Brendan Barnwell received a UCSB Graduate Division Dissertation Fellowship for 2013-14.
Joseph Brooks received a grant from the Endangered Languages Documentation Programme for his project entitled "Documentation and Analysis of Andamang Chini."
Joseph Brooks presented a paper entitled "When Repatriation Is Not 'Giving Back': Evidence from a Meeting with the Hua of Papua New Guinea" at the 3rd International Conference on Language Documentation and Conservation at the University of Hawai'i in Honolulu in March. He was awarded a Best Student Abstract scholarship for the abstract of the paper.
Don Daniels received a UC Pacific Rim Advanced Graduate Research Fellowship for his dissertation project entitled "The History of the Sogeram Language Family of Papua New Guinea."
Chris Donlay gave a talk entitled "Documenting an Endangered Language in China" at Laney College in Oakland, CA in May.
Chris Donlay gave a talk entited "A Tone Change Pattern in Khatso" at the Stanford Phonetics and Phonology (P-Interest) Workshop at Stanford University in June.
Elliott Hoey presented a paper entitled "Sighing in Interaction: Somatic, Semiotic, and Social" at the 19th Annual Conference on Language, Interaction, and Social Organization at UCSB in May.
Elliott Hoey's book note of C. J. Jenks, "Transcribing Talk and Interaction: Issues in the Representation of Communication Data" was published in Language in Society 42(1): 107-108, 2013.
Audrey Lopez received an Honorable Mention from the Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship Program.
Megan Lukaniec and Di Wdzenczny co-organized the 16th Workshop on American Indigenous Languages (WAIL) at UCSB in April.
Brad McDonnell received a UCSB Graduate Division Dean's Fellowship for 2013-14.
Onna Nelson presented a talk entitled "Todo el Mundo Twitteando: Twitter as a Bridge between Oral and Written Communication" at the Iberian Studies Symposium hosted by the UCSB Department of Spanish and Portuguese in May.
Daisy Rosenblum received the UC President's Dissertation Year Fellowship for 2013-14.
Daisy Rosenblum presented a talk entitled "Revisiting Argument Structure in K?ak'?ala" at the 18th Workshop on Structure and Constituency in the Languages of the Americas at UC Berkeley in April.
Daisy Rosenblum presented a talk entitled "Secundative Alignment and Passive Constructions in K?ak'?ala" at WAIL in April.
Daisy Rosenblum gave an invited presentation entitled "Documenting Dialect Diversity in K?ak'?ala" at the UC Berkeley Department of Linguistics Fieldwork Forum in April.
Chris VanderStouwe's article "Religious Victimization as Social Empowerment in Discrimination Narratives from California's Proposition 8 Campaign" was published in the Journal of Language and Sexuality 2(2): 235-261, 2013.
Chris VanderStouwe received a UCSB Graduate Division Graduate Opportunity Fellowship for 2013-14.
Chris VanderStouwe and Shawn Warner-Garcia co-organized the 19th Language, Interaction, and Social Organization (LISO) Conference at UCSB in May.