Stefan Th. Gries
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Last updated: 07 January 2018

Teaching at the University of California, Santa Barbara

Ling 137: Language acquisition (Winter 2018)

Syllabus and overview

This course is a (highly selective) introduction to the interdisciplinary enterprise of research on first language acquisition (also sometimes referred to as developmental psycholinguistics). It covers several different though interrelated topics:

  • an introduction to 'the problem of language acquisition';
  • overviews of different theoretical and methodological approaches towards first language acquisition;
  • introductions to aspects and processes of first language acquisition in different linguistic subdisciplines: phonology/morphology, semantics/lexicon, and syntax.
The obligatory course book is: O'Grady, William. 2005. How children learn language. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. This is available in the course reserve, but only for 2-hour loans so please make sure you get this as soon as possible.

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