(Last update on any part of the website: 27 April 2016)

Recent news and upcoming events · · · I have just been invited to give a plneary-length talk at the 53rd Jahrestagung des Instituts für Deutsche Sprache Mannheim (March 2017) · · · I have just submitted the 2nd (revised and extended) edition of my corpus linguistics textbook Quantitative Corpus Linguistics with R to Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group) · · · Jiyoung Yoon's and my edited volumne Corpus-based approaches to Construction Grammar has just been accepted for publication in the Constructional Approaches to Language Series of John Benjamins · · · My paper (with T. Bernaisch) on "Exploring epicenters empirically: […]" has just appeared in English World-Wide · · · I have just been invited to teach a two-day workshop on mixed-effects modeling at the University of Saarbrücken in June (with Christoph Scheepers) · · · I have just been invited by the Associate Chief Justice of the Utah Supreme Court Thomas R. Lee to participate in a conference/roundtable on the law and corpus linguistics at Brigham Young University in April 2016 · · · My paper with Sandra C. Deshors on ing vs. to complements in New Englishes to (a two-step random forests analysis) has just been accepted by the International Journal of Corpus Linguistics · · · I have just been invited to give a plenary-length talk at the Lancaster Summer School in Corpus Linguistics and other Digital methods (12-15 July 2016) · · · I will co-present two papers at ICAME 37 in Hong Kong · · · I will teach a bootcamp at the Université Catholique de Louvain (10-14 July 2017) · · · I will teach a bootcamp at Birmingham University (20-24 June 2016) · · · After 10 years, I have stepped down from my position as (founding) co-editor-in-chief of the journal Corpus Linguistics and Linguistic Theory: good luck to the new editor-in-chief Stefanie Wulff! · · · I have just been invited to give a talk at the International Workshop on Language Production (IWLP 2016) at the University of California, San Diego in July 2016 · · · I have just been invited to give a plenary talk at a conference on syntactic alternations in Belgium in May 2016 · · · I have just been invited onto the editorial board of the International Journal of Learner Corpus Research · · · I have just been invited onto the board of the new journal Corpus Linguistics Research· · · Scooby's website still has only 20 pages · · ·