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June 30 - July 3, 10:30 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.
Life Science Computing Facility A

Te Taka Keegan, Senior Lecturer
University of Waikato, New Zealand

John Foreman, Assistant Professor of English
Utica College

Andrea Berez, PhD Student
University of California, Santa Barbara


Course Overview
This class is designed to help community language activists bring their language to the internet! We will be learning how to create an online language presence in two ways: traditional websites and user-developed wikis.

Relevant Links

Discussion on Technology Development for Language Activists
We will discuss some key issues that need to be considered before activists begin building language resources on the Internet. Items discussed include the benefits and pitfalls of this work, the reasons for undertaking this work, comments on the intended benefactors, the likely contributors, the language and style of the interface, authority, copyright and the costs involved.

Website development
We will discuss how to create a language based website including audio and images. Each student will learn how to customize a website template for his or her own community. We'll also talk about putting your website online, using non-English characters, and brainstorm about ways the web can be used as a tool for language maintenance and revitalization. We'll also look at some language-based websites that are already in use by communities worldwide.

Wiki Collaboration
Wikis are collaborative websites which can be edited and authored by multiple users. The most famous example is Wikipedia, a collaborative encyclopedia, but wikis can take many forms and be on any topic. Because they allow multiple authorship, they can be ideal for groups working to document and revitalize a language. In this portion of the workshop, we will learn the basics of setting up a web-based wiki using freely available services and the learn how to use these services to start generating content, including controlling access via passwords, creating pages, editing pages, linking, commenting, tagging, and including multimedia content.


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