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June 24 - 27, 3:15 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
McCune Conference Center

Anthony Aristar, Professor of Linguistics
Eastern Michigan University

Helen Aristar-Dry, Professor of Linguistics
Eastern Michigan University

Jeff Good, Asst. Professor of Linguistic
SUNY Buffalo


Course Overview
This course will survey the management of data, from its organization in the field to its mobilization as a linguistic resource for other scholars.  Among other topics, it will deal with how workflow should best be handled in the field, the importance of metadata, and how to ensure that data can be best preserved for future generations.

Course Material

Relevant Links

Data Survey/Field Planning
How to go from a general research goal like, "How do I document this language?", to mapping out a concrete "data plan" for the different kinds of data a researcher wishes to collect and create over the course of a project.

How to manage day-to-day data collection in the field: file-naming, labeling, backups, metadata in the field, etc.

Data Types
The structure of IGT and lexical entries.

Metadata for your work, metadata for your archive, metadata for other researchers

Data Longevity
Finding an archive and understanding the need for archival formats; distinguishing between working, archival, and presentation formats; intro to XML.

XML, Unicode, annotation schemes (GOLD; Leipzig), non-lossy compression; pretty good practice and the tools that will help you achieve it.


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