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ImageHimalayan Linguistics 9.2 (2010)
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Bashir, Elena. 'Traces of mirativity in Shina.' 1-55. [Abstract] [PDF]
Keywords: mirativity, Shina, Dardic languages, Nuristani languages, evidentiality, Kalasha, Khowar, Balti, Tajik Persian

Peterson, John. 'Language contact in Jharkhand: Linguistic convergence between Munda and Indo-Aryan in eastern-central India.' 56-86. [Abstract] [PDF]
Keywords: Jharkhand, Indo-Aryan, Munda, convergence, inalienable possession, genitive, ambiguous categories

Tournadre, Nicolas. 2010. 'The Classical Tibetan cases and their transcategoriality: From sacred grammar to modern linguistics.' 87-125. [Abstract] [PDF]
Keywords: Classical Tibetan, syntax, typology, case system, fractal grammar, traditional grammar, transcategoriality, optionality


Sun, Hongkai and Guangkun Liu (2009). A grammar of Anong: Language death under intense contact. (Languages of the Greater Himalayan Region 5/9.) 126-131.
Reviewed by David Bradley. [PDF]

King, John T. (2009). A Grammar of Dhimal. (Brill’s Tibetan Studies Library.) 132-138.
Reviewed by Christina M. Willis. [PDF]


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