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Prior to 2010, each article published by Himalayan Linguistics constituted a separate issue; these were numbered sequentially, and cited as Himalayan Linguistics Journal to contrast with archives and reviews. Beginning in the spring of 2010 with Himalayan Linguistics 9.1, the journal moved to semi-annual publication (June and December), with each issue containing multiple articles, reviews, and book notices. These are now cited simply as Himalayan Linguistics.

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Journal articles in reverse chronological order:

Himalayan Linguistics 12.2 [+ Expand]

Himalayan Linguistics 12.1 [+ Expand]

Himalayan Linguistics 11.2 [+ Expand]

Himalayan Linguistics 11.1 [+ Expand]

Himalayan Linguistics 10.1 [+ Expand]

Himalayan Linguistics 9.2 [+ Expand]

Himalayan Linguistics 9.1 [+ Expand]

Hildebrandt, Kristine A. 2007. 'Prosodic and Grammatical Domains in Limbu.' Himalayan Linguistics Journal 8. 1-34. [Abstract] | [Full Article (745 KB)]

Bickel, Balthasar, et. al. 2007. 'Two Ways of Suspending Object Agreement in Puma: Between Incorporation, Antipassivization, and Optional Agreement.' Himalayan Linguistics Journal 7. 1-19. [Abstract] | [Full Article (194 KB)]

Noonan, Michael. 2006. 'Direct Speech as a Rhetorical Style in Chantyal.' Himalayan Linguistics Journal 6. 1-32.
[Abstract] | [Full Article (264 KB)]

Hargreaves, David. 2005. 'Agency and Intentional Action in Kathmandu Newar.' Himalayan Linguistics Journal 5. 1-48.
[Abstract] | [Full Article (292 KB)]

Kreutzmann, Hermann. 2005. 'Linguistic Diversity in Space and Time: a Survey in the Eastern Hindukush and Karakoram.' Himalayan Linguistics Journal 4. 1-24.
[Abstract] | [Full Article (3.9 MB)]

Kansākār, Tej Ratna. 2005. 'Classical Newar Verbal Morphology and Grammaticalization in Classical and Modern Newar.' Himalayan Linguistics Journal 3. 1-21.
[Abstract] | [Full Article (224 KB)]

LaPolla, Randy J. and Yang Jiangling. 2004. 'Reflexive and Middle Marking in Dulong-Rawang.' Himalayan Linguistics Journal 2. 1-13.
[Abstract] | [Full Article (256 KB)]

Genetti, Carol and Keith Slater. 2004. 'An Analysis of Syntax and Prosody Interactions in a Dolakhā Newar Rendition of The Mahābhārata.' Himalayan Linguistics Journal 1. 1-91.
[Abstract] | [Full Article with sound files (11.0 MB) | Full Article without sound files (838 KB)]


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